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Web2.0 meets Web3.0? A guide to NFT events. — Issue #3

There’s nothing like a party where everyone has the same interests as you.

Digital assets, physical experiences.

There is no doubt about it. 2021 was not only the year of the Ox, but also it was the year of the NFT. NFT’s have technically been a thing since 2017, since Cryptopunks are the most earliest known NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain. However, the beginning of the adoption of Web3.0 and NFT’s began in early 2021. Other than pictures of cute animals, what else did NFT projects have to offer last year? Well, in person events! Some projects worked collectively to host grand parties and networking events throughout the year. Since NFT’s took a bit to gain traction, events didn’t come out until the end of the year. The most notable project to host an event, The Bored Ape Yacht Club, created by Yuga Labs, hosted APE FEST 2021 in New York City. APE FEST 2021 lasted from Sunday, October 31st, to Saturday, November 6th. Some event plannings included an art gallery experience, a night on a yacht, merchandising pop-ups, food trucks, charity dinners, and a massive party hosted in a warehouse with performers such as rapper Lil Baby, rock band The Strokes, and comedians such as Aziz Ansari and Chris Rock.

There is no doubt about it that Apes were the stars with the conference. Even Doodle holder self proclaimed as “DoodleBandit” had his own crazy story to tell about APE FEST without even having to own an Ape. Check it out here.

What else happened at NFT NYC?

A lot actually. Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian and Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk also were at the conference speaking to thousands of NFT fanatics.

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Time Square was taken over with NFT’s. Cryptopunks, Bored Apes, and Cool Cats were some of the NFT’s that could be seen in the illustrious area of Manhattan. There is no doubt about it thousands of people found out about NFT’s that day.

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Numerous murals strung out across the boroughs of New York City had been lined with graffiti artists throwing up their NFT’s so that they are displayed in a common manner that is normal to NYC, street art.

That just covers NFT. This was in late October — early November 2021.

Doodles x SXSW

Source: James Ellis

Fast forward to March 2022, SXSW in Austin Texas is usually riddled with music, art, technology, and film. However, NFT’s made a huge appearance in style. Doodles, another NFT project, hosted a huge event during the SXSW meetup. Doodle coffee, Doodle manicures, and even Diplo were in attendance to provide a crazy one in a lifetime experience for Doodle holders and regular folk to have. What a crazy time. The Non-Refungible Network team were present at the events and it looked so fun to be a part of. Team member @anabelle_nft was there to make a massive recap of everything that transpired. You can check out the video here.

NFT events are quite fun to attend, great to network with many new people, and to truly experience the real life value of an NFT. This is just the beginning, and more NFT projects will be hosting events at big parties throughout 2022 and further down the road. If you can make it, go, and you won’t regret it. Happy partying!




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